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Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Service: Creative, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Media Buy, Public Relations

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors is a nationwide-based company that sells premium windows and doors. They employ skilled experts to ensure that their customers receive a premium installation service at reasonable prices.

We take pride in the friendly relationship we’ve established with Canadian Choice Windows and Doors. They started off with little brand recognition, and we conducted a yearlong campaign to boost their presence in the ethnic market. For all of their print, radio, and TV ads, we focused on elevating the their sense of reliability by emphasizing their lifetime warranty guarantee. Simultaneously, famous spokespeople and window experts were also invited to answer callers’ inquiries on live radio programs. By doing so, not only did we open opportunities for the community to familiarize with the brand, we also enabled customers to possibly address their problems and render solutions on the spot. Both Canadian Choice and ourselves were delighted with the results. In little time, the company enhanced their brand identity among Chinese buyers and increased their sales.