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Home Comfort Centre

Service: Creative, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Media Buy, Public Relations

Home Comfort Centre is a market leader in selling and distributing home improvement equipment products like water and air purification systems. For over 25 years, their passion for creating safe and healthy home environments has driven their expansion of product selections and proficient customer services.

Everyone deserves to live and work in a stress-free surrounding. What’s special about Home Comfort Centre is that they establish themselves as a market leader by maintaining one of the largest in-store showrooms in Canada. To reflect their level of expertise, we created catchy headlines on the directory ads to portray them as the ‘Master of Purification’. Our team also devoted efforts into remote broadcasting. Starting on the weekends, infamous DJs were on-site at the showroom and did live advertising. Within each cut-in, up-to-date information and sales offers were brought to the attention of the Chinese community. Due to the public’s promising responses, we capitalized on this initial momentum for two more weeks – turning this project into a wonderful success.