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Martin Daniel Interiors

Service: Creative, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Translation & Adaptation, Media Buy

Martin Daniel Interiors is a longstanding, family-run furniture business. An iconic retailer, they are passionate and committed in bringing the finest pieces of furniture from Europe to the doorsteps of North Americans.

As a brand that also started with the joining of few passionate entrepreneurs, we were ecstatic when we knew that we would be helping Martin Daniel break into the Chinese marketplace. As an established retailer, Martin Daniel already had a fully functional webpage that outlines their available inventory. So, we made use of their online presence by translating and adapting the website into 2 additional dialects: Mandarin and Cantonese. By redesigning the web pages into both simplified and traditional Chinese, we were able to appeal to the immigrants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South East Asia. Almost immediately, the brand’s online recognition expanded significantly. We later worked hard with Martin Daniel to further push the limits of their growth through print ads, radio broadcasting, and TV commercials.