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Quan TV & Appliances

Service: Creative, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Media Buy

Quan TV & Appliances are specialists for your home electronic appliances. Since 1969, the family-run business has been offering brand name appliances at the lowest prices. With honest and friendly service, the business has now grown to serve the communities of Unionville, Concord, Peterborough, and Oshawa.

Today’s TV and Appliance industry is heavily saturated, and both us and Quan TV know that it is their low selling prices that give them their competitive advantage. For this reason, our marketing solutions were designed to accentuate their alluring prices compared to industry standards. In addition to their great value, the company’s splendid service is also the reason why they are able to maintain the attention of generations of customers. As a result, we also decided to highlight the brand’s integrity. After exploring different layout options, we chose the use of friendly terms and bright colours to reflect the fun, intimate, and professional atmosphere each store has.