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Sample Sale Guys

Service: Creative, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Media Buy

Sample Sale Guys makes it easy for passionate shoppers to buy designer apparel and accessories at low and reduced prices. They are extremely mobile and have already organized over 300 sales events across Canada.

Sales events are appealing because of the excitement of purchasing brand-name goods at extremely low prices. Ever since Sample Sale Guys has recognized the influence of ethnic buyers, we’ve been working closely with them to promote their events to the Chinese community. Prior to our collaboration, the company relied only on print ads. However, we believed that the incorporation of radio and TV broadcasting would not only capture the greatest amount of attention, but also be most cost-effective. Through these media, Sample Sale Guys consistently provided updated information to the public and was able to sing out the unreal deals in which brand name goods were being offered. We’re proud to say that the resulting events were lucrative and their sales increased immensely.